Size: 10 ml. spray bottle

Remember that you are playful…

To play, frolic & be nourished

Key Notes: Boronia, sandalwood & tangerine

Ingredients: Grain alcohol, essential oils & absolutes

Picnic plays with the fruity-floral notes of Boronia and imagines it resting on a blanket in a secret clearing with a bouquet of Neroli and a bowl of Tangerines. Ambrette seeds allude to sweet sweat from frolicking and a hint of Spearmint freshens it up after the romp through the woods.

Ripe, fruity and a little zesty, with a woodsy and slightly animalic base, this blend merges precious essences for a delightful foray into fantasy.

For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes.


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Bright & Floral with boronia, sandalwood & tangerine

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