Size: 1 oz. spray bottle

Remember that you are electric…

To harness the potential of tension

Key Notes: Vetiver, citrus, cinnamon & ginger

Ingredients: Grain alcohol & essential oils

“Eros is the unconsummated quality of the between.” – Catherine MacCoun, “On Becoming an Alchemist”

Cinnamon and Vetiver spark a playful tension between hot and cool in this blend. These two poles create an opening for Cypress and Lemongrass to arise to form a bridge between the contrasting elements. Magic occurs in this space of in-between.

Originally created under a Full Hunter Moon in Aries, Eros simultaneously pulls us in opposite directions and keeps us centered in that still place within. It implores us to be with certain tensions, as they can propel us towards growth.

For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes.

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Cool & Spicy with vetiver, citrus, cinnamon and ginger

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