Spring in New Orleans is such a special time- festivals & crawfish, second lines & gorgeous weather. The scent of Star Jasmine wafts through the evening air,  heralding the season, as Magnolias, Irises & Gardenia open to join the symphony. In my perfume garden, Sambac Jasmine is preparing to start another round of blooms that will continue throughout the warm months. Check out this sweet little “plant walk” video of some of my favorite local fragrant plants of the season.

Developing our “olfactory consciousness”

It is said that we can develop our “olfactory consciousness.” I first learned of this idea from the book, “Essence and Alchemy: A Natural History of Perfume”, by Mandy Aftel- a book that was seminal in starting me on the “perfume path.”

This month, as Earth wakes from the winter slumber and the buzz of growth and movement fill the air, I invite you to notice what smells signal Spring to you. Is it a particular flower? The scent of your freshly cleansed home? Certain foods? What emotions does it stir? What sensations do you notice in your body? How do you experience this seasonal shift and what meaning does it hold for you?

If you feel inspired to share, send me a note via email or Instagram! I love hearing from people about the profound impacts of scent in their lives!

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